A Grounded Theory

In the research project that this dissertation addresses, Annemari Untamala utilized classic grounded theory to investigate a theatre teacher training process. The study generates a theory of how participants in a professional development program cope with not-knowing by co-confidencing.

Untamala’s research explains how participants build confidence through the three stages of supportive sharing, meaning-making, and practicing. These stages overlap and intertwine. During the co-confidencing process in theatre teacher training the participants achieve acceptance, appreciation, and competence.

The interest for this exploration arises from Untamala’s experience of practicing and teaching theatre more than 20 years. Untamala suggests that in theatre pedagogy, operating in the unknown is inevitable. Although not-knowing may cause insecurity and uncertainty, coping with it is an essential part of a fruitful and creative learning process.

Untamala discusses the opportunities that awareness of the co-confidencing process offers for theatre teacher training. She claims that strengthening co-confidencing of trainees is important for supporting their professional and personal development.