Pentti Paavolainen & Anu Ala-Korpela Knowledge Is a Matter of Doing

When is a work of art research? How should one research one’s own work? Or should artists do art and scholars do research? The symposium Theatre and Dance Artist Doing Research in Practice in October 1994 was the first of its kind in Scandinavia in which both theatre professionals, teachers from institutions who train practitioners and scholars from universities took part. This report provides landmark questions asking whether practical artistic work should be an acceptable part of research in an academic context. It also challenges training institutions to include research as a part of their practices.

Acta Scenica is a publication series of the Theatre Academy. It publishes research, essays and reports on different areas of theatre, dance and performing arts.

1 Acta Scenica 1995
Paavolainen, Pentti & Ala-Korpela, Anu Knowledge Is a Matter of Doing
ISBN 952-9765-09-6 ISSN 1298-5913